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Sophies Landing Gated Waterfront Community

The Cabins at Sunpeaks, BC


Testimonials from Sophie's Landing"[…]Our neighbours are wonderful and our builder built us the home of our dreams[…]"
- Brenda and Larry

"We love our waterfront condo in the city and now to own a waterfront vacation home close to our boat is a dream come true! Another thing that attracted us to this community was that it is definitely not a typical cookie-cutter development, but more like a laid-back holiday place." - Barb and Victor


"Coming from a waterfront property we really wanted that element again, so when we discovered Sophie’s Landing in Orillia there was an instant appeal for both of us. The community plan was very different than anything we’d ever experienced and we can honestly say our home is really us, our builder did a marvelous job in helping us customize it to suit our lifestyle." - Andy and Faye

"Eric, who built these amazing homes was so accommodating and customized many features of our home. We can’t say enough about how satisfied we are with the quality of our home, the design, and the neighbourhood concept. Speaking of neighbours, they’re great, even though we are only here on weekends and holidays. " - Mary and Russ

"Hi Eric, Thanks for doing this. I had no idea of the time involved. Anyway, it is perfect now -- after I sent off my note I got to thinking that a door where you have it off the main hall would be better than an open hallway and somehow you came to the same conclusion. The house is going to be amazing." - Mary

"Eric, I have been meaning to write all week to express how pleased I am with how the house looks. I may be a bit biased, although I'm sure all the houses will be spectacular, I think I have the nicest house on the street thanks to you. I'm not sure how I can thank you for everything you have done, but I will think of something." - Mark

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